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Mindfulness Art-Song-Doodle Exercise

Updated: Feb 7

This article provides an art/music exercise based on mindfulness.

Mindfulness helps bring us to the present and back into the moment. So does art. Mindfulness and art also have many benefits such as decreasing stress and anxiety, cultivates awareness, enhances creativity, heightens our intuition and can help regulate emotions.

Combining art, music and mindfulness together may strengthen the benefits of our health and well-being especially by being more in touch with our body, thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations.

Now get yourself in a comfortable space and allow yourself to be in the moment. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this exercise. Tune within and trust the process.

Mindfulness Art-Song-Doodle Exercise:

Materials Needed:

  • Any writing materials you are drawn to: crayons, paints, colored pencils, markers, etc..

  • A piece of 8 X 10 white paper

  • A song that appeals to you- a radio, computer, etc so you can listen to the song


  • Put on and listen to the song that appeals to you

  • Allow yourself to just be in the moment and flow to the sound/beats/rhythm/lyrics of the music

  • Let the music guide your motions and create and respond to the music

Questions to Keep in Mind while creating:

  • What flow of emotions come to you during the creation process?

  • Was there a part of the song, along with the art creating that really stood out to you?

Keep in mind, the more you practice something, the more it expands.

If you completed this exercise, please do feel free to share your art work or any comments and thoughts you may have. I am happy to hear from you!

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