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Boundary Setting Through Art

We can learn so much about ourselves through the process of art-making!

I am currently working with an 11-year-old client on setting boundaries for their emotional, mental and physical well-being. During session, I asked the tween to visualize herself as a house and think of a fence that she can represent as her boundaries. I then asked her to draw what this looks like for her as I would draw mine and we can share what comes up for us as we create and are finished our drawings.

As a Kreative Self-Love Coach, I draw the prompts with my clients and I see what messages come through me to share. I typically always learn so much about myself as I see how much my clients learn and grow exponentially too through this process we share in together.

The drawing pictured above is what flowed through me as I was in session and my client was working on their art piece. As I was kreating my house-fence-boundary art, as I was creating the path leading up to the house, I learned that I am friendly, opened and welcoming but the curve of the path represents that I am not easy to get to because I do have set boundaries for myself. I designed the pointy fence because if someone tires to jump through without permission, they may prick themselves by entering territory that is not theirs to enter. I made sure to make a lock inside the gate so I am not easily accessible to others energy. The red door represents caution since I feel people who enter my space needs to be respectful to my space as I am to theirs. The windows have a slight open to the curtain which represents to see me for who I am but not for fully who I am because I only allow those who meet me where I am. The top window being open represents me being able to look out completely with seeing who is coming my way with sprinkles of flowers that are symbolic to my growth and flourishing tendencies I have on boundaries.

As I shared my art work with my client, she also seen how we had in common, the pointy fence that we both drew without knowing it until we were finished. This allowed for more open dialogue and conversation on reflection to talk more about her views on boundaries and who she lets in her space.

What I have shared above is just the surface of what was discussed in session being my client's art went way deeper into detail and by the end, she told me how she gained so much more clarity on her boundary setting.

In conclusion, I wanted to share with all you readers to provide you a better sense and a little taste of what I do in sessions and workshops. If you have any thoughts, comments or questions, please feel free to reach out!

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want.

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