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Boundary Setting Through Art

We can learn so much about ourselves through the process of art-making!

I am currently working with an 11-year-old client on setting boundaries for their emotional, mental and physical well-being. During session, I asked the tween to visualize herself as a house and think of a fence that she can represent as her boundaries. I then asked her to draw what this looks like for her as I would draw mine and we can share what comes up for us as we create and are finished our drawings.

As a Kreative Self-Love Coach, I draw the prompts with my clients and I see what messages come through me to share. I typically always learn so much about myself as I see how much my clients learn and grow exponentially too through this process we share in together.

The drawing pictured above is what flowed through me as I was in session and my client was working on their art piece. As I was kreating my house-fence-boundary art, as I was creating the path leading up to the house, I learned that I am friendly, opened and welcoming but the curve of the path represents that I am not easy to get to because I do have set boundaries for myself. I designed the pointy fence because if someone tires to jump through without permission, they may prick themselve