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Testimonials on Dianne Furphy Services from her clients at Kreate What U Want LLC, 1:1 and group sessions for kids, teens and adults.

Tween from 1:1 session, after 4th session

What tween shared they learned after the 4th session with Dianne: 

1.) "I learned how to calm myself down through drawing.

2.) I learned how to become more aware of my surroundings and how I am feeling.

3.) I am not the type of person to open up and share my feelings and emotions but I can see with these sessions, I have become more open in doing so"

Parent from 1:1 session with their teen, after 8th session 

"Dianne has been truly amazing and helpful for my daughters! My 13 year old loves her sessions with Dianne and always asks for more. Her confidence went for a 3 to a 7 working with Dianne! I love seeing the changes she is making with her social skills."

Tween from 1:1 Session, after 8th session

"I really like coming into session with Dianne. I haven't felt down and I even feel more happier since I started working with her. It feels good to talk to Dianne especially because she provides me a safe space and I love that she provides me tools to help with my life experiences outside of the sessions."

Teen from 1:1 session, after 2 years of working together

"I love the 1:1 sessions I have with Dianne online! She has helped me in so many ways and I feel so blessed to have her as a life coach/mentor. I enioy creating art and talking through my challenges with her."

Parent from 1:1 session with their tween, after 16 sessions

"Very amazing woman that helped my teen learn coping skills, self-esteem and gave them a safe space to be themselves."

Teen from 1:1 Session, after 2nd session

"I am so grateful to have session with Dianne and I love what she does. I have tried traditional talk therapy and it just was not for me. I can tell Dianne will be super helpful for me and her approach to our sessions with art & mindfulness makes me look forward to coming. Dianne allows a space for me to self-express the way I truly need and I wanted to say thank you for that."

Teen from Confidence-Building 4-Week Workshop

"I appreciated this class because it reminded me to love myself more and gave me different ways show love to myself."

Parent from Teen Confidence-Building 4-Week Workshop

"Dianne is passionate and you can tell that she truly cares about her clients and that she loves what she does. I will definitely sign up my daughter for another session."

Daniela G. - 1:1 Sessions & Adult Group Workshops

"Dianne is magical! I feel so confident and powerful after every session or class with her. She has been a monumental part of working through my fears and doubts to feel motivated, confident, and improving my self-worth challenges to feel deserving. As a person as well as a mentor/coach, she is one of the most genuine, kind, loving, talented, aware, and beautiful souls to have with you supporting you throughout your personal and professional developments and journey! She is so helpful through the more challenging times to work through obstacles and see the greater purpose and light at the end of the tunnel.

When my focus is all over the place, I feel lost or confused, I've lost confidence in myself, I've lost trust in the universe, I am physically/emotionally/spiritually burnt out, and I all around just don't feel like myself or very optimistic, Dianne is the person I turn to. Along with her expertise in talk methods and words of encouragement and perspectives, she is able to pull from a variety of resources, tools, and methods, such as art therapy approaches, visualization, etc, which I love for my healing journey!"

Christina G. - Parent from Teen Art Mindfulness 4-Week Workshop (ages 13 to 17)

"My daughter had an instant connection with Dianne! She has a true talent for connecting with teens and helping them feel comfortable with exploring their emotions. This course series was a great reminder and review for my child, who has been taught similar strategies throughout her life. The beauty of this particular experience was Dianne, however. She was able to bring something more to the topic than I could as the mother. This is invaluable, especially now during these challenging times of disconnection, uncertainty and worry. Using art to build mindfulness and emotional awareness is a beautiful concept and this aspect was particularly beneficial for my daughter, who very much loves art."

Sarah D. - Adult Group Workshops

"I have learned so much from Dianne in the world of coaching. She comes with so much knowledge on how to help others and also the love and drive to make those she helps feel safe and secure.

When I have seen Dianne not only share her experience but also work in her field, I see an individual who is determined to help others grow and also continue to grow in her career and craft.

If you are lucky enough to work with Dianne, learn from her, or have her as part of your team, you are in for a real treat. Friendly, brilliant, and nurturing are just three of the many ways I could describe Dianne."

Jess - Parent from Kid Mindfulness Art 4-Week Workshop (ages 5 to 8)

"We really enjoyed this class, it was unique among other Zoom classes we have taken. It was very interactive and my children enjoyed it each week. They adopted some great new habits of self-kindness!"

Wesley - Teen from Teen Mindfulness Art 4-Week Workshop (ages 13 to 17)

"I think it was really fun to do different art work each class and share them. I liked how the assignments had flexibility. I felt good after class and comfortable in class."

Rachel D. - Adult Group Workshops

"Working with and learning from Dianne is such a pleasure. I have attended her group sessions and I always come away from them feeling amazing and refreshed.

Dianne is a supportive leader who takes time to listen to everyone individually while in group discussions.

Her coaching activities are inclusive and fun. Dianne helps everyone to feel empowered and safe while learning and creating art."

Kristin - Parent from Kid Mindfulness Art 4-Week Workshop (ages 5 to 8)

"My child enjoyed the kids art mindfulness 4 week class. They were helpful, interesting topics, and creative ideas for art products."

Melissa M. - Adult Group Workshops

"Dianne's group sessions are extremely powerful and I am grateful to be a part of her magical workshops. I look forward to attending more!"

Brian F. - Teen from the Teen Mindfulness Art 4-Week Workshop (ages 13 to 17)

"I enjoyed doing the comic strip and learning about self love!"

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