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              Believe in yourself and you can 
            KREATE WHAT U WANT             
                    With my belief in you, I help you achieve the belief in yourself!


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Dianne Furphy, MS

Founder & Owner of Kreate What U Want LLC, Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach, Master Degree Art Therapist, Artist and Published Illustrator 

At Kreate What U Want, it is about providing resources for the social, emotional, mental and physical well-being of the individual and within the family and community.

I provide coping skills to help boost confidence + self-esteem, build on social skills, decrease anxious feelings, regulate emotions, accomplish goals, strengthen self-love, and connect to your authentic and creative self.

Working with me, my goal is to help you set & attain realistic goals, kreate new life & thought patterns and implement self-care practices into your life through art & mindfulness. I provide a safe space to self-express as I am empathetic, compassionate and non-judgmental.

Over the past 5+ years, most of my clients are tweens, teens and adults. I also work alongside parents providing education, resources and parenting strategies.


I offer both virtual & in-person 1:1 sessions & group workshops for kids/tweens (ages 8-12), teens (ages 13-17) and adults (ages 18+).


I use the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) approach based on how our thoughts are connected to our feelings/emotions and how our thoughts/feelings/emotions are connected to our behaviors.

Be sure to schedule a FREE CALL with me before booking any services so we can learn more about one another and to see if we are compatible and pick the best option for you together!

Kreate What U Want also caters to the homeschooling community in educational STEAM programs, fun board game days, unique art classes + more! You can learn more about these classes under "services" then go to "kid & teens workshops."

I look forward to connecting!


How I Can Help You

Enliven your Kreative Side!

Learn to Implement Self-Care Practices!

Break down barriers towards Self-Love!

Take on New Patterns & Behaviors!

Develop Healthy Coping Skills!

Reconnect with your Authentic Self!

Build Confidence within your Self!

Discover Calm & Peace Within Yourself!

Transform your Thoughts from Dark to Light!


You can find some of Dianne's Kreative Thoughts on her Blog section of how she dedicates her time into healing! This is where she provides wellness strategies and tools for our well-being. (Read Directly Below!)


Sarah D.

I have learned so much from Dianne in the world of coaching. She comes with so much knowledge on how to help others and also the love and drive to make those she helps feel safe and secure.

When I have seen Dianne not only share her experience but also work in her field, I see an individual who is determined to help others grow and also continue to grow in her career and craft.

If you are lucky enough to work with Dianne, learn from her, or have her as part of your team, you are in for a real treat. Friendly, brilliant, and nurturing are just three of the many ways I could describe Dianne.

Rachel D.

Working with and learning from Dianne is such a pleasure. I have attended her group sessions and I always come away from them feeling amazing and refreshed.

Dianne is a supportive leader who takes time to listen to everyone individually while in group discussions.

Her coaching activities are inclusive and fun. Dianne helps everyone to feel empowered and safe while learning and creating art.

Tween - 1:1

"I really like coming into session with Dianne. I haven't felt down and I even feel more happier since I started working with her. It feels good to talk to Dianne especially because she provides me a safe space and I love that she provides me tools to help with my life experiences outside of the sessions."


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