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Q: What do the the 4-Week Workshops Entail?
A: Each workshop entails education on the topic of the workshop, a group discussion and an art prompt facilitated by the Kreative Self-Love Coach and Art Therapist. The Coach provides a safe space for the group members to share their art work if they feel inspired and comfortable to do so. The Coach will also provide resources and tools for the group member to take with them as coping skills. 

Q: What are the art prompts like in the workshops? 
A: The Kreative Self-Love Coach/Art Therapist will provide a topic and ask for the group member to create art in a free-flowing form which means the individual will listen to the directive being given and create art from a place of their hearts and life experience. There is no right or wrong way to create art during sessions. The art is not about the outcome and final piece, rather than about the process and seeing what the individual learns about themselves as they are creating.

Q: How many group members participate in the 4-week workshops?
A: The group is limited to 5 groups members. I have learned that the tweens and teens feel more comfortable in a smaller group setting and opens up and shares their thoughts and art when not too many members are involved.


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