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Sharing What Kreate What U Want Is All About....

Sharing what Kreate What U Want is all about...

As a Kreative Self-Love Coach & Art Therapist at Kreate What U Want LLC, I offer one-on-one sessions, along with group workshops, both in-person & virtually (non-clinical).

I provide coping skills through art & mindfulness to help strengthen self-love, boost confidence, self-esteem, social skills, team-building, decrease anxiety, accomplish goals, build on kreative self-expression and so much more.

I work with kids (ages 5 to 8), tweens (ages 9 to 12), teens (ages 13 to 17) & adults (ages 18+).

I put a lot of effort & dedication into each & every one of my sessions + before & after each of my sessions too: Before each session, I prepare by researching & gathering my information. After sessions, I take notes and then prepare again for next session, to make sure I come up and ask questions to help the individual self-explore to learn more about themselves, along with finding coping skills (art prompts & mindfulness techniques) that I feel would be most helpful for the individual during session. I like to educate on the topic being discussed & challenge & stretch the individual to help them grow & prosper.

In between the 1:1 sessions, when I am working with the youth (age 17 & younger), I make sure to have check-in sessions with the parents/guardians to learn more from their perspective of the progress of their child.

As for the group workshops, I plan accordingly with coming up with art directives (experimenting & creating them myself to make sure the art activity & mediums would be appropriate for the age, setting & environment), I make sure there are enough art materials for everyone, I brainstorm themes & topics, design & kreate 2 hour classes for 4 to 6 weeks & prep all the other odds & ends that I gift away in workshops (such as water bottles, crystals/stones & more). This is just a little taste of what I do with Kreate What U Want...

I take the time to learn, work internally on myself, educate myself, connect & reach out to other trained coaches & therapists because I truly & wholeheartedly care about each and every person I work with and want the absolute best for them.

There is so so much more that goes on behind the scenes at Kreate What U Want as a women-owned single employer/owner. (I also offer art classes and workshops where I teach painting, host arts-and-crafts + more). With that said, I am wholeheartedly grateful and super appreciative to everyone who supports me and my business. I thank you all for spreading the word with what I do here at Kreate What U Want, for sharing on social media, "liking my posts," and doing what you can to be supportive so please feel free to continue to do so ~ My heart THANKS YOU so much!!!

I share this post just to inform those who are not familiar with what I do and to share that more BIG things are coming SOON! Please feel free to schedule a FREE intro call with me if you're thinking about having a session with me... this is a space where we can asks questions to each other to see if we are compatible in working together.

Otherwise, please also feel free to reach out and just say hi! It is always nice hearing and connecting with you!

With Deep Gratitude, Dianne Furphy, MS

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want

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