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I am a Kreative Self-Love coach who believes your internal is a reflection of your external and that you are able to transform dark into light.


Passionate About Healing Myself To Help You Heal Too!

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Dianne Furphy, MS

Founder & Owner at Kreate What U Want LLC, Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach, Master Degree Art Therapist, Artist & Published Illustrator 












  • To inspire every one I cross paths with to enliven their true sense of being, enhance kreativity, heal internally and to re-kreate a new world based on our natural state of love, gratitude, peace, compassion, kindness and authenticity. 


  • Resources as needed

  • A Safe Space to Self-Express

  • Wellness & Empowerment Tools 

  • Enhancement of Art Skills & Creative Self-Expression

  • Guidance to Learn How to Become Your Own Self-Advocate 

  • Listening Skills and Support to Meet Individual Where They Are


  • Youth (ages 5 to 8) / Tween (ages 9 to 12) / Teens (ages 13 to 17) / Adults (ages 18+)

  • I offer virtual & in-person 1:1 sessions and group workshops 

    • Some Group Workshops I currently offer:​​​

      • Anxiety-Healing Through Art

      • Sadness-Healing Through Art

      • Confidence-Building Through Art

      • Self-Love & Self Care Through Art

      • Team-Building & Social Skills Through Art

      • Open Studio Free-Flow

      • Journaling Workshops

      • + SO MUCH MORE! 


Hello & Welcome to my feel-good place on the Internet!


My name is Dianne and I am deeply rooted in my beliefs of love, healing, creating, art, compassion, being kind to myself and others and bringing more connection throughout the world. My journey and vision in life is to inspire you to believe in yourself and to live your true authentic, kreative self. 

I am extremely passionate about empowering you to strengthen the love that is already within you, to implement self-care practices into your life while kreating new thought patterns, decrease anxiety, boost confidence and social skills (+ more) through art & mindfulness.

My background story:


I am who I am today because of my past and all of the healing I have put into myself. I have overcome different layers of trauma, along with many other dark experiences I have encountered throughout my life. As a child and teen, I suffered through an enormous amount of turmoil and pain which led me to develop poor behaviors and patterns for many years. However, I have become aware of not wanting to live in that heaviness anymore and so, for the past 17+ years with incorporating mindfulness, positive affirmations, mantras, mindset work, reiki, breathing exercises, meditation exercises and especially ART as a healing modality, I transformed my life from dark to light. I truly believe our internal world is a reflection of our external world and that everyone is capable of transforming.

Can we agree that sometimes we cannot find the “right” words to describe what we are thinking, feeling and what our emotions are like?! I have learned how to tap-in and channel my inner flow and make sense of what my internal self is experiencing by expressing my Self through creating art.


I have learned to trust my intuition and really listen to my mind, body, heart and soul ... which allows me to help you connect deeper with your inner Self and strengthen your intuition.

Although I am passionate about using art to guide you to unite with the core of your essence, I also incorporate other holistic activities that help do just the same: mind-set work, positive self-talk & affirmations, breathing exercises and mindfulness tools, just to name a few. 

About The Healing-Art-Creating Process:


If you do not feel comfortable creating art during a session, that is totally OK... I intend for you to be open and honest with me about it and we can create a plan that works best for you! Please keep in mind that you do not have to be an artist nor is the art-making about the way the art looks when it is completed... It is all about the process of creating the art and tapping into each moment and how the creative process is making you feel.

I have healed so many of my internal wounds and I have started loving myself more through the process of art-making. Creating art has helped me gain a sense of my life's purpose wth supporting and helping so many others, it helps boost my confidence and self-esteem, it helps me be more present and in the moment while it decreases any stress and anxiety I may experience that I am able to pass onto those that I work with. 


Which brings me here today:


I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy and I have worked in an outpatient facility helping children, teens and adults improve on self-esteem, confidence, social skills and stress relief while providing helpful techniques for those who were suffering from trauma, depression and anxiety. 

While working as an art therapist in the clinical setting, I was inspired to become a Kreative Self-Love coach because I strongly believe that incorporating art, mindfulness and building upon self-love and self-care can significantly enhance one’s life and all around well-being. I want to help others learn how to heal with what I know has personally helped me and so many others - with my very own heART formula.

Since therapy and counseling are not the same as coaching, I have earned and now have certificates in Life Coaching and Mindfulness.

I also hold a BA in Psychology, an Associates in Early Childhood Development, I am a level II Reiki practitioner, I am a Support Leader at Still Standing Together where I present at workshops that empower women, I am an art facilitator at adult retreats and I teach painting to the tweens and teens in the homeschooling community, along with being a homeschooling parent to a teenager myself

I thrive on healing myself and maintaining my own self-love and self-care so I can empower others to do the same because I believe each individual plays a role in the advancement of the collective consciousness of humans. I believe that the more we heal as individuals, the more healing our world will experience (the ripple effect).

Through my observation of my own personal life and studying and working in the psychology and mental health field, I have learned that every human has suffered and experienced pain in their lives one-way-or-another. This pain can still be stored within the body which could cause blockages that may withhold the individual from moving forward in their life and reaching their full potential. This is where I can come in and help you flourish and prosper and help you break down barriers you have once built towards love. 

As Your Kreative Self-Love Coach:


Through my formula of using H.E.[A.R.T.]: art & mindfulness, you will find the connection to your mind, body and soul that builds on:


  • Increasing Confidence

  • Boosting Self-Esteem

  • Enhancing Social Skills

  • Enliven your Creativity

  • Resources & Empowerment Tools

  • Decreasing Stress, Worries & Anxiety 

  • Connecting you to your Kreative Self

  • Implementing Self-Care Practices into your life

  • Transforming Thought Patterns (from heavy-to-light)

  • Rediscovering Your Own Self-Love That Has Always Been Inside of You


Trust yourself!!! Everything you ever need is within you, sometimes you just need a little boost to get there from a Life Coach.

​Having me as your Kreative Self-Love Coach, I can help you with your self-growth and well-being as I help you develop and achieve personalized goals you set for yourself. 


I believe in you to break through and overcome any blockages you may be experiencing and to live a more fulfilled and self-loving life… 


As long as you are open and ready to putting the work into you (and I believe YOU ARE READY!). 

Remember: You are here reading this for a reason which indicates you ARE *ready* for that change in your life and to put that work into YOU.

Come take a step forward by contacting me for a FREE INTRO CALL to see if we are compatible to work together on your self-transformation and your self-discovery.


With my belief in you, I help you achieve the belief in yourself!


  • Certificate in Life Coaching

  • Certificate in Mindfulness 

  • Certificate in Feng Shui

  • Level II Reiki Practitioner

  • Art Facilitator at Parties, Retreats & The Homeschooling Community

  • CPR Certified

  • Documentations for Clearances in PA:

    • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

    • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Clearance 

    • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Family Criminal Clearance


  • Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

  • Associates in Early Childhood Development

  • Published Illustrator (Children's Book titled: Letters In My Name)


Dianne is magical! I feel so confident and powerful after every session or class with her. She has been a monumental part of working through my fears and doubts to feel motivated, confident, and improving my self-worth challenges to feel deserving. As a person as well as a mentor/coach, she is one of the most genuine, kind, loving, talented, aware, and beautiful souls to have with you supporting you throughout your personal and professional developments and journey! She is so helpful through the more challenging times to work through obstacles and see the greater purpose and light at the end of the tunnel.

When my focus is all over the place, I feel lost or confused, I've lost confidence in myself, I've lost trust in the universe, I am physically/emotionally/spiritually burnt out, and I all around just don't feel like myself or very optimistic, Dianne is the person I turn to. Along with her expertise in talk methods and words of encouragement and perspectives, she is able to pull from a variety of resources, tools, and methods, such as art therapy approaches, visualization, etc, which I love for my healing journey!

Daniela G. 

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