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Policies Form

Please click the PDF to read and view the Policies Form, thank you!

Kreate What U Want Group and Individual Sessions Welcomes You!

Groups are designed to provide you a safe space for you to express, to connect, grow and learn together. 


Individual sessions are designed to provide you a safe space for you to self-express, share your heart, learn, self-discovery, creative-expression and more!



Kreate What U Want appreciates your booking and scheduling group sessions! Schedule at least 12 hours in advance. Service cost(s) will be charged for same-day cancellations and for no-shows. We encourage you to reschedule and join in and grow together.




Refunds will only be given when and if you decide to cancel or reschedule 24 hours before the group session begins. Additionally, if a group or session has already started and if no attendance or if you have already attended a group or individual session, there will be no refund, even if you have future sessions remaining. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to Thank you so much for your understanding!




The Free Intro Call is there to learn more about Kreate What U Want’s services and for Dianne Furphy (coach of Kreate What U Want) to learn more about why you are interested in having services with Kreate What U Want. Dianne will ask you questions to learn more about who you are calling to receive the services, as you are free to ask questions to Dianne. Kreate What U Want’s policies with Free Intro Calls is that when you schedule a booking for the Free Call and you are a no-show for the first two attempts and would like to reschedule for the third free intro call, there will be a charge of $30, for the third rescheduled intro booking. 




VIRTUAL: Both individual and group sessions are meant to provide the participant a safe space so Kreate What U Want asks for the individual to have a space, while in session, where there are little-to-no distractions. Each session is designed to be personable and for the participant to self-express and to share their hearts and personal thoughts. If you, the participant, is able to set up in a space where there is not much interaction of others, this will enhance the individual sessions, along with the group workshops. 


IN-PERSON: Both individual and group sessions are provided a safe space where there will be no distractions or interruptions. The space is designed for Dianne and the individual and/or parents and guardians. 

There is no tolerance for violence and bullying in both sessions and group workshops. 




VIRTUAL: Kreate What U Want, Dianne Furphy asks for you to bring your own art supplies to virtual individual and/or group sessions. An email is sent before your session to tell you what art supplies are needed to bring to each session.


IN-PERSON: Kreate What U Want, Dianne Furphy provides all art materials during group and individual sessions. If the individual wants to bring their own art supplies to a one-on-one session, the individual is permitted to do so. For group sessions, Dianne asks to allow her to provide you the art materials since group sessions are designed accordingly, unless Dianne permits and agrees to bring your own art materials.




By submitting payment you are accepting and agreeing to the following terms:


Your participation with Dianne Furphy, coach at Kreate What U Want, in both individual and group online and in-person sessions and classes applying to children, teens and adults are solely based on your own sole risk and Kreate What U Want and Dianne Furphy will not be held liable for any injuries, damages or be subject to any claim for any risk of the matter within the online platform.


The participant expressly acknowledges by submitting payment, this agreement he or she is relinquishing all rights he or she may have to sue Kreate What U Want or Dianne Furphy. The participant also acknowledges that he, she or they is relinquishing, on behalf of any minor children (under 18) participating in any online classes, workshops, sessions or services as part of the membership, all rights the child may have to relinquish holding Kreate What U Want or Dianne Furphy liable for any risk, damage and injury.


This waiver and release of liability specifically applies to claims of negligent instruction and/or supervision that may arise as a result of injuries sustained during classes. The Participant executing this waiver and release of liability hereby agrees to indemnify and hold Kreate What U Want and Dianne Furphy harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by any individual participating in any online classes/programs/services. The Participant is also acknowledging that he, she or they who submits payments are relinquishing all rights he, she or they may sue or in any way seek damage against online and in-person services. The participant is also acknowledging on behalf of the minor to relinquish all rights to sue Kreate What U Want and Dianne Furphy for online and in-person services. 


The Participant executing this waiver and release of liability hereby agrees to hold Kreate What U Want and Dianne Furphy harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by or on behalf of any participant of services. 


This agreement does not expire. 




Kreate What U Want offers individual sessions and group workshops that are educational and self-explorational. Kreate What U Want services does not provide counseling or therapy. Participants have the opportunity to share and express their feelings and use their own art materials as requested by the facilitator for online services. Any information that is shared in the group is confidential with the exception of the law that Kreate What U Want has to report any physical self harm to self or others. 


Group sessions are held to provide support, growth and a deeper connection to self and with others. Group sessions are created as a safe space to come together and share and express our thoughts, ideas, feelings,  emotions and be creative. Groups are designed to be confidential with the facilitator and among other group members. 


By joining services with Kreate What U Want, the participant agrees not to videotape and/or record any virtual sessions during any classes. 



You as the participant understand that individual and group sessions with Kreate What U Want/Dianne Furphy is not therapy, nor is it any type of medical provider. I understand that Kreate What U Want/Dianne Furphy is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, prescribe for, or prevent any illness, disease, ailment, sickness, disorder, or other physical or mental condition. Kreate What U Want does not offer medical advice or consultation.


I have been informed and understand of Kreate What U Want’s protocol and process. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and learn about services with Kreate What U Want.

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