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Mother and Teenager Son Relationship

This is one way I know I'm doing something right as a mother to a teenager:

My son randomly comes up to me at least once a day (if not more), to find a way to cuddle with me, hug me or just to sit next to me whether it be for a brief moment or for awhile.

I know I have a healthy mother/son relationship because I put in the work.

As his mother:

~~~> I listen

~~~> I show up

~~~> I meet him where he is

~~~> I stay true to my word with him

~~~> I make myself interested in what he's interested in

~~~> I support him in his choices

~~~> I uplift him

~~~> I give him his space when he asks

~~~> I say "I love you" numerous times a day to him

~~~> I speak positive words to him

~~~> I allow and accept him to be him in each moment (yes, even on those emotional "teenager" days he has)

~~~> I love him unconditionally

~~~> I say good morning and good night every single day to him

~~~> I make myself available to him especially when he really needs me

~~~> When I am with him, I provide him my full attention and be in the moment with him

~~~> I make sure I show him he is a priority to me

~~~> I make sure to practice my patience and keep calm with him

~~~> I apologize to him when I am wrong and explain where I'm coming from

~~~> I forgive him unconditionally

~~~> I make sure to take him on mother/son dates

~~~> I control my own feelings & emotions

~~~> I work on myself, for myself

~~~> (I could keep going but this is plenty for now, I'll share more in another post)

Although I know I am not a perfect mother and I certainly DO make mistakes, I allow myself to learn and grow from those mistakes - to become a better mother.

As a mother, I hold "mom guilt" for some of my past choices and actions but I make sure not to let it eat at me and instead accept it because I know I did my best in that moment and did only what I knew.

It's moments like this that remind me that I am a good, loving, caring and nurturing mother because I know, in these moments, he's being a self-reflection of who it is I am♡

Written with love by Dianne Furphy


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