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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Kreate What U WAnt LLC!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Kreate What U Want LLC!

WOO-HOO!!!! CONGRATS TO ME …. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the opening and maintaining my practice/business Kreate What U Want LLC!!!!

I was inspired to start my own coaching practice during this time last year in 2020 for many reasons and I will explain the main reason, the more you read on… but right now I want to give a huge shout-out to my clients I have had over the past year! You all have been an extreme delight and pleasure to work with. I am happy to have provided you with self-empowerment tools, wellness strategies, a safe space to express your heart, resources as needed and tools to help you strengthen your self-love, self-care, confidence and self-esteem. I am beyond excited to see what this upcoming year brings since I have so much planned with not only one-on-one sessions but group sessions for kids, teens and adults. I am looking forward to establishing deeper connections and to bring more light into those lives who choose to work with me.