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Happy 1 Year Anniversary Kreate What U WAnt LLC!

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to Kreate What U Want LLC!

WOO-HOO!!!! CONGRATS TO ME …. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY on the opening and maintaining my practice/business Kreate What U Want LLC!!!!

I was inspired to start my own coaching practice during this time last year in 2020 for many reasons and I will explain the main reason, the more you read on… but right now I want to give a huge shout-out to my clients I have had over the past year! You all have been an extreme delight and pleasure to work with. I am happy to have provided you with self-empowerment tools, wellness strategies, a safe space to express your heart, resources as needed and tools to help you strengthen your self-love, self-care, confidence and self-esteem. I am beyond excited to see what this upcoming year brings since I have so much planned with not only one-on-one sessions but group sessions for kids, teens and adults. I am looking forward to establishing deeper connections and to bring more light into those lives who choose to work with me.

Now I would like to introduce myself to those who are not too familiar with me. I want to share a little bit about my life story and how I got to where I am today.

My name is Dianne Furphy and I am the Founder and Owner of Kreate What U Want. I am an Art Therapist turned Life Coach. Within my practice, I call myself a Spiritual (Artsy) Self-Love Coach and this is where I help individuals strengthen their self-love, incorporate self-care practices into your daily life and kreate new thought patterns using art, mindfulness and holistic tools. With my own inner work over the past 15+ years of incorporating art, spirituality, mindfulness, mindset-work, reiki, breathing exercises, meditations (and many more) as a healing modality, I was able to transform my life from dark to light. I truly believe our inner world is a reflection of our external world and everyone is capable of transforming.

My world abruptly fell apart at the age of 13 when I found out my mother had cancer and I had to watch her health deteriorate over the next 2 years only for me to watch her take her very last breath. This caused me to experience so much pain, suffering and turmoil within. I was a lost little girl who had no guidance and support since both my father and step-father were not present in my life. The entire time all I kept thinking about is how I can give back to the others and provide them the help and support I needed all along. I just kept thinking how no one else deserves to feel the pain that I was feeling within. I wanted to be that person in other people's lives to help them anyway I can… to help take away their suffering and be their support I was longing for for myself.

Around this time, I had to start becoming responsible for myself and so I had to find a job to help support myself. I remember looking through the newspaper in the job section and saw a “psychologist” position available. I remember hearing that psychologists help people the way I wanted to help others and so I called this psychologist position and let them know I was interested in the job. The lady on the other end of the phone must have had a good sense of my age because she asked me how old I was and when I told her I was 15 she giggled and kindly asked me if I was aware of the role and what I needed to do in order to be a psychologist. When I told her I was not sure, she patiently took the time to go over the steps I needed to become a psychologist (she told me I had to finish high school, go to college and earn a Master’s degree). At 15, that seemed like a very far time in the future so it scared the shit out of me and I ended up taking some “detour” turns along the way. However, 25+ years later, I lived out that 15 year old girl dream I had within me and completed my Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychology (with a concentration in Art Therapy) and I became a therapist!!! (I am SO proud of myself for this too because it was not an easy path to get here but I surely made it happen)!

Although I was going through so much pain as a young girl, I always created art which now when I look back, I see how creating art has helped me cope and heal. Art was always my outlet that helped me channel my energy. Using art as a healing modality is a REAL thing and it was confirmed to me while I was in grad school. I have learned that there has been studies conducted and evidence that creating art has so many benefits such as it decreasing stress and anxiety, boosts confidence and well-being, enhances creativity, builds on your problem-solving skills, helps regulate emotions and impulses, helps one gain personal insight, improves your self-awareness and perception, provides you a sense of purpose and many, many more benefits!

With me, creating art is all about tapping into and connecting with your inner self and allowing yourself to flow and express yourself freely. I personally believe my intuition has strengthened abundantly through all of my art making which gives me the confidence to help others strengthen their own intuition through the process of art creating. One main thing I have learned that I want to pass onto others is that there is no right or wrong way to create art and you certainly do not have to be a “good” artist to work with me. I will provide you art exercises based on your current situation and meet you where you are to help you the way you need in that moment.

And so this leaves me here, with my practice of Kreate What U Want. I left the therapy world where I interned at an outpatient facility. I worked with children, teens and adults from all backgrounds helping them cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, suicide, domestic violence, abuse and so much more. I left this world since there were way too many clinical rules and regulations that did not align with my beliefs and I know what has helped me heal and become the best version of myself and that's all I wanted to do for others… to help them the way I KNOW has helped me.

I created a simple formula of how I personally healed myself and now I want to share this with others who decide to work with me so I can help you in a similar manner. I am evidence and proof that we can heal, change and shine brighter than ever. My background consists of so much dark and heaviness since I was a very little girl and now I feel light, free, uplifted and in peace with who I truly am. There is so much more to my story but I wanted to share little pieces of me with you all today to celebrate how far I have come and how far I will be going! I appreciate all your love, support and cheering me on!

Also, a friendly reminder… Please feel free to recommend me to your family, friends and loved ones. ;) Small business owners like myself can use the “SHARE” “LOVE,” “LIKE,” etc... options on facebook and social media so thank you in advance for that. Since it is my 1 year anniversary, I want to celebrate and provide whoever reaches out to me with a 40% discount on all services. Just email me and say, “HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY” and I will provide you with the discount code. (THANKS AGAIN FOR THE LOVE). The dead line to this discount ends on Thursday October 7, 2021.

You can also set up a FREE discovery call so we can get to know each other a little more and see if we are compatible in working with one another. To learn more, you can check out my website at OR just message me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Adult workshops coming soon!!! I hope to see many of you attend… to connect and share our hearts with each other in a magical and majestic way. WEEE!!!

Lots of Love and Rainbow Power to you all,

Dianne Furphy, MS

P.S. Photo credit to my roomie, Kasey Klein Wisnom in Idaho at the Off the Grid Spiritual Retreat we taught art classes at... she surprised me with this photo which makes it very special to me <3 (Thank you best roomie ever) <3

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want

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