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Reflections of Relationships

Reflection of relationships from my personal life to my professional life.

Hello KWUW and Happy Tuesday!!

I'd like to be a little more personable and share more on what I do and the services I offer as a Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach & master degree Art Therapist.

I share this picture of my son and I because it is a good reflection of who it is I am. I have a very solid, strong, healthy, communicative, honest, open, trustworthy relationship with my teenage son.

I truly believe this type of relationship plays out with my teenage clients (and their families) too.

I have been working with kids (as young as 5), teens and adults for 5+ years. I also want to give myself credit for working with the parents to the teens and adults too - because I do keep open communication and provide parents tools and resources as needed.

Most of the clients I work with are teens and young adults that are from all different populations and backgrounds. In 1:1 sessions, we work on processing feelings & emotions, decreasing anxiety, boosting confidence & self-esteem, finding connection within and to others, and I also help with processing feelings and emotions based on self-harm, suicidal tendencies and ideations.

I meet each client exactly where they are.

After working in the clinical field in an outpatient facility as an (art) Therapist, I was inspired to open my own practice as a Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach and I apply what I feel is necessary to help you succeed and be in a good and comfortable place within yourself.

When working with me, I would like for you, my clients, to know:

~~~> I do not diagnose

~~~> I do not prescribe medications

~~~> I do not accept insurance

~~~> I do not hold any judgment

~~~> I do not offer clinical services

What I DO offer and have success with is:

~~~> Compassion

~~~> Providing tools, resources & coping skills as needed

~~~> Self-growth services

~~~> 1:1 sessions & group workshops

~~~> Self-empowerment

~~~> Self-advocacy

~~~> A safe space to self-express

~~~> Self-acceptance

~~~> Self-awareness

~~~> Confidence

~~~> Build on communication skills

~~~> Decrease anxiety

~~~> Mindset shifts

~~~> Strengthen relationships (to oneself and to others)

~~~> Setting and accomplishing goals

~~~> Finding and focusing on the true value and worth that you are

I also DO work with people I personally know. This means close friends, family, friends of family, etc. I do not have rules, like a therapist, that just because I know you does not mean I cannot work with you. I have taken on MANY close friend’s children and teens and even very close friends of mine and have had significant positive outcomes working with people I personally know. I work very well with boundaries and maintaining therapeutic relationships on all sides.

If you are interested in services, please know I do offer free consultation calls to learn more about one another and to see if we are compatible in working together.

You can schedule a free call at (under services, then free call).

I look forward to connecting with you!

With Gratitude & Blessings,

Dianne Furphy, MS

Certified Life & Mindfulness Coach, Art Therapist and Owner of Kreate What U Want

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