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Parenting tool for tweens & teens to play less video Games

A suggestion on how to possibly wean tweens/teens off of video games and technology.

parenting tool for tweens & teens to play less video Games
Video Game Tip

As a parent to a teenager, my son was very much so heavily into video games a few years ago. We came up with a plan to allow him to choose 2 days a week for "no video game days." We allowed him to choose the days so he can navigate his schedule and figure it out on his own. This allowed him the space to pick up different hobbies and habits on the days he was not playing video games.

After years of using this strategy, my son gradually declined in the usage of playing video games and now he's more into playing music on his piano and guitar (what he choose to fill his time up on the "no video game days").

We choose 2 days a week because we felt it was best for our situation. To sit down and talk about it as a family and figure how how many days is best for your child, could be helpful.

Also, instead of "no video game days," you can also do "no technology days" but this means, parents, you will have to be a role model and do it too! It is all about teamwork and showing your kids the way as a parent.

My family and I did try "no technology weekend" before and it was fun yet a challenge because we didn't realize how much we relied on using technology (GPS, etc). We did have a fun weekend doing new things like going to a vinyl record store and purchasing new albums to listen to together as a family. It is all about being creative and coming up with new and exciting ways to fill our time.

If you do try this strategy, please let me know how it works for you and your tween/teen and family.

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