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Transforming & Releasing Negative Relationships into Love: The Love-Cord Exercise

An exercise to help transform and release negative relationships into love.

Do you ever think of a person and instantly become annoyed, frustrated or even angry?

Have you been wanting to release and let go of that someone who makes you feel such a way?

Maybe you are not in a good place to speak to this person to clear things up since you are feeling so negatively towards them. It is always important to approach a situation in a loving way to gain positive results.

Sometimes we have people in our lives that make us feel outraged and we want to let go of them all while leaving off on a positive note. To end things in a positive way is also healthy for our all-around well-being.

We may have been in a relationship or friendship that has ended poorly and just the thought of this person makes you go into a dark space. Has this ever happened to you?

One thing I have learned when this happens is to send love to them. When we send them love, we transform those heavy feelings into a more uplifting energy towards them. Here is a little exercise that can help:

  • Focus and bring all of your attention to your heart area.

  • Think of the things that make you feel good and put you into a loving place.

  • Now fill your heart-space up with all of this love.

  • When you are in a feel-good place of love…

  • Visualize an invisible cord connected to your heart.

  • Imagine this cord traveling up through your head space (your crown chakra) and then have this cord enter into the individual's crown chakra.

  • Continue this love-cord down to the individual's heart space.

  • Now send all that feel-good loving energy from your heart-space through the love-cord to the individuals heart-space.

  • Sit in the moment of you sending your love to the individual until you feel the individual's heart-space is filled up with your love.

  • Visualize you having scissors and cut the love-cord while stating to yourself, “I release you with my love.”

  • Do this everyday for 30 days and watch how your perspective and feelings transform towards this individual.

Remember: We have the power to transform all negative feelings into positive. We just have to put in the work!

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want

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