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What It Takes To Believe In Yourself

When I was younger, I did not feel worthy.

I didn’t feel worthy to the extent where I could not even bring myself into a name-brand clothing store because I knew I did not have the money to purchase anything which made me feel invaluable. The thought of walking into one of these stores made me feel extremely distressed and uncomfortable and so when my friends asked me to go to the mall, I would just wait outside the store until they were done shopping.

The thought of me not being able to afford expensive material made me feel inadequate, worthless and that I was less of a human because others could afford what I (and my family) could not.

As a youngster, teen and early adult, I thought being successful was based on material possessions, that I had to have the newest and the latest and greatest.

This mind-set made it really hard for me to feel and be OK with who I am and where I was at in life.

I have learned this perspective of wanting to fit in was consuming me so much that I lacked confidence, self-esteem and the belief in myself to be what I wanted to be… which was to be... just me. But just by being me, I didn't feel accepted by the outside world and I felt pressured into being someone who I was not.

This pressure started feeling very heavy for me to handle that it also caused me to make some poor choices in my life. Many years of living in this dark hole I dug myself into, I just could not take it anymore and one day I decided I was done catering to the outside world and that I had to do what makes my heart happy. So I chose to shift the way I was thinking and I basically never looked back (only to learn, of course).

With my adjusted way-of-thinking, I noticed the drastic positive changes within myself. I started to kreate and live the life that was aligning with who I really was within. From then on, I kept on soaring.

I’ve learned that true success is what we make it to be.

Today, I have grown to love myself unconditionally, I have learned to trust myself, to accept myself for all that I am, especially my past because I know my past doesn’t define me but instead it teaches me who it is I do and do not want to be. I have learned that what others think of me is none of my business and I listen to what makes my heart feel happy. I visualize who it is I want to be and work hard towards becoming that person. It is a lot of work but the work is absolutely worth it especially seeing the divine human I have grown into.

I look back over the years of all the versions I have transformed into and I could not be happier with who I am today. I now define success as seeing how much I have improved internally, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and being with my family, having good health and well-being along with having tools and techniques to handle different life situations, creating art, serving others and living from a place of authenticity is what I call success.

I AM VALUABLE and this is something I absolutely feel and believe is my true state.

We really can put our own definition to success. Success can look like anything you imagine and feel. You are the Kreater to your own success!

So tell me, what does success mean to you?

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