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Welcome my to Animal Totem Talk Space!

Animal Totems/Spirit Animals come to us throughout our lives as a guide. The animal who appears will come consistently and keep appearing in your life until you receive the message that they are sharing. Your spirit animal may come as different animals or it may be just one particular animal throughout your life. 

Your spirit animal is a representation to your life in some way. You can observe the animals behavior, habits, the way they live, etc... to see how they are symbolic to you. You can also call upon this spirit animal in a time of need and it shall help give you the guidance you are looking for.


I have been in-tune with my spirit animals since 2011 and have been receiving their messages strongly and powerfully. A few years ago I decided to start a journal and draw out the animals all while channeling their messages they reveal with me. Since the spirit animals come to me frequently, I have decided to share my drawings and the messages here in this animal totem talk space I have created just for you to see. The spirit animals have been such an amazing guide to me and they have helped me in so many ways. When I receive the message of the spirit animal, it is exactly what I need to hear in that moment, to help direct me in life in one-way-or-another. 

I am excited to share that I am currently providing services to help others become in-tuned with their spirit animals/totems and receive the special messages they are wanting you to hear!

You can schedule a one-on-one session with me to learn more about your spirit animal and the special message it wants you to hear. You can choose to have a phone or zoom session and you can also choose to have me email you the special message. When you register you can state your preference of choice!

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