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Teen Team-Building & Social Skills Art-Based Workshop this Sunday 5/28/2023

Teen Team-Building & Social Skills Art-Based 3-Week Workshop This Sunday!


Teens (ages 13 to 17) are welcome to join this 3-Week ART-BASED Team-Building & Social Skills Workshop!

This Team-Building, Social Skills & Connection Art-Based Workshop PART 2 is designed to practice & develop social skills through art prompts & activities. Each class will build on positive interactions with group members, encourage individual creativity & increase member’s ability to express oneself in social settings while focusing on teen's positive attributes.

The group members will meet weekly (total of 3 sessions) for 2 hours each session & will work on art exercises individually and as a group. The art supplies are included and the members are able to take home their art projects. The purpose of this workshop is for the members to gain connection, kreate, have fun, explore with different art mediums & hopefully leave with a new friend or two!

To learn more and register your teen, CLICK HERE.

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want.

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