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Self-Love, Self-Care + Self-Worth Through Art Class For Tweens Next Week!

Self-Love, Self-Care + Self-Worth Through Art For Tweens (ages 9 to 12) next Sunday April 30th.

Tweens ages 9 to 12 are welcome to join this 2 hour Self-Love & Self-Care ART-BASED Workshop!

April 30th @2PM-4PM


This Self-Love & Self-Care Class will provide different art materials & art prompts to the tween to use as a tool & resource as a form of self-love/self-care to creatively self-express and create a healthy relationship within themselves and in their daily routine.

This class will focus on the significant benefits of self-love and self-care through mental, physical and emotional well-being by focusing on the teens positive attributes & strengths. The teen will learn ways to strengthen self-love and implement self-care practices into one’s daily life through art. We will have open discussions, explore different art mediums while having the art prompts being used as their self-love/self-care tool.

Some topics that will be taught in this class are: positive self-talk & the power of mindset, unconditional love, forgiveness, how nature boosts our health, the importance of having a hobby they passionately enjoy, the power of gratitude and more!

The art materials & art activities that will be used in class will be:

1.) Creating a gratitude jar with glass bottles & tissue paper, mod podge and sponge brush. 2.) Wooden Heart and brush pens - we will focus on our strengths and our self-worth with this activity (examples pictures below).

After each art-making session, there will be a space for the tweens to discuss & share their art work to the group (if they feel comfortable to do so).

The tweens will be able to take home their artwork, along with the learned coping skill that goes along with it!


FOR: Tweens ages 9 to 12

LOCATION: 716 N Bethlehem Pike Suite 204A Ambler PA 19002 (Awaken and Restore Yoga Studio)

DATE: Sunday April 30, 2023

TIME: 2:00PM to 4:00PM

PRICE: $75 per individual

To register for class, CLICK HERE!

Brush pens + Heart Wooden Shapes

Glass Bottles, Tissue Paper, Sponge Brush & Mod Podge

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