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Mental Health + Art Virtual Workshops for Tweens & Teens November 2022!

Tween & Teen 4-Week Art-Based Workshops coming up in November 2022: Anxiety-Healing, Sadness-Healing and Confidence-Building.

Hello KWUW Fam!

As a Kreative Self-Love Coach and Master-Level Art Therapist, I have learned that art is so important in our healing and for our well-being. That is why I kreated these three workshops for tweens and teens to give them a space where they can learn about mental health, self-express, alleviate heaviness while building and improving on their inner self... to be more confident and comfortable with who they are!

Workshops starting in November 2022:

Anxiety-Healing Art-Based 4-Week Workshop:

The Anxiety Healing Art-Based 4-Week Virtual Workshop is interactive and designed to educate the group members and provide self-care tools through the topics of:

  • Week 1: Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Behaviors

  • Week 2: Working Through Anxiety, Stress & Worry

  • Week 3: Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

  • Week 4: Self-Acceptance & Letting Go

The coach/master level-art therapist will provide a safe space for the tween/teen to self-express by providing art exercises each week, along with teaching self-care tools such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditations, learn how to decrease stress and anxiety and so much more.

Confidence-Building 4-Week Workshop

This virtual 4-week Confidence-Building Art Workshop is focused on boosting the individuals social skills, confidence and self-esteem. Tools and techniques will be provided for the individual to take with them to enhance their confidence and self-esteem.

This is an interactive workshop that will educate on the topics:

  • Week 1: Self-Love, Self-Care & Rewarding Yourself

  • Week 2: Self-Talk/Mantras/Positive Affirmations

  • Week 3: Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • Week 4: The Importance of Gratitude & Laughter

A different art exercise will be facilitated each week by the life coach/master level art therapist that will focus on the positive attributes in the group members and it allows for a safe space to self-express and share their hearts and art, align with learning self-care tools such as self-love and how to take good care of the mind and self.

Sadness-Healing 4-Week Workshop (NEW WORKSHOP)

Pre-teens & teens welcome to join this Virtual Art-Based SADNESS-HEALING 4-Week Workshop that is focused on bringing awareness and education on the topic of sadness. Tools and techniques will be provided for the individual to take with them to cope and handle sadness. This is an interactive workshop that will educate on the topics:

  • Week 1: Sadness

  • Week 2: How Sadness Can Turn Into Depression & Anger

  • Week 3: Being Meaningful & Intentional

  • Week 4: Believing in Yourself & Focusing On Your Light

Each week, discussions among the group members will be held on the topics of the week (listed above), along with the life coach/art therapist providing education, tools and resources to help benefit the tween in working through their sadness. A different art exercise will be facilitated each week that will focus on the tween’s self-expression, empowerment and a form of healing.

More Info on Workshops:

There are different time frames (EST) available for each groups starting in October: tweens ages 9 to 12 and teens ages 13 to 17. Please go under the Services, then to Kid & Teen Workshops to learn more and register.

Each workshop is limited to 5 participants. Being this workshop is very interactive and personable, I found the group members feel more comfortable sharing and opening up in a smaller group setting.


For each class, I intend that your tween can have a personal space where there are not many distractions. This class is designed to be personable for the tween to self-express and share their hearts. If they are able to be set up in a private room, this will enhance the class for the teen and the other members in the group.

If you have any questions, thoughts or comments, please feel free to reach out! I look forward to working with your tween and teen!

In Deep Gratitude,

Dianne Furphy, MS

Special Note: Art has been proven to help heal us and teach us so much more about ourselves. The benefits of art creating is enhances creativity, increases focus & concentration, strengthens problem-solving skills, provides a sense of purpose and self-accomplishment, reduces stress and anxiety and so much more!

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want.

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